Egg Tray
Dimensions: 300mm X 300mm        
Sizes Available: 13.5 lbs 14.5 lbs 15.5 lbs 16.5 lbs 17.5 lbs 18.5 lbs
Universal Size (20lbs)        
Apple Tray
Dimensions: 500mm X 300mm
Sizes Available: 200 No.
(40 pockets for
Super Small Apple)
175 No.
(35 pockets for
Extra Small Apple)
150 No.
(30 pockets for
Small Apple)
125 No.
(25 pockets for
Medium Apple)
100 No.
(20 pockets for
Large Apple)
80-A No.
(20 pockets for
Extra Large Apple)
80-B No.
(20 pockets for
Extra Large Apple)
Egg Boxes
6 Eggs Box 10 Eggs Box 12 Eggs Box      
Printed according to customer requirement.
Corrugated Boxes
We also manufacture all kind of corrugated boxes with in-house facility of printing. We have specialization in Apple Cartons, Corrugated Egg Cartons
and Pizza Boxes.
Flower pots
Industrial Packaging
Disposable Bowls